Making a art flowering-plant pot at home

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    Busy life roll almost of us into spiral with many nervous things and forget great beauty of living. And this will wear out our spirit. You dream about fun journey in natural land and want to enjoy this at home. I think that constructing private space and decorating it with attractive flowering plants is a good idea. You can do easily at home by using somepottery outdoor planters, pottery planters wholesale to grow.These pots are made clay and can tolerant change of weather well. If you don’t have time to care plants carefully, you can also salvage some kinds of plant which have special leaves to make art flowering plant. And today i will guide you how you make a art flowering plant pot at home.
    Model which we will act is below model in picture. Model is suit for decorating outdoor house. Name of it is : “ wonderful nature”. Watching it you will recognize that you nature is the most perfect nature. Not too bright, but it still enough colors and your house will become more comfortable with this model.
    If you worry that you don’t have any experience for growing at home, you think that you can’t care flowering-plants from starting to blooming.
    Steps to make a plant pot similar to above model.
    -Step 1: Pour soil which is spongy and moisture in pot.
    -Step 2: put coleus, maple, spider plant, holly fern. Maple is the center, left and right is coleus, next is spider plant and holly fern.
    -Step 3: Watering plant pots and put them in location where is full shades. You can also put them in the yard or patio.
    Notice: if leaves are died , you should cut them to help your plants grow well.
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